Reshma Sheikh - Octavian Security UK

Octavian Security UK have landed a place of the Fusion 21 Framework.


Fusion 21 provides a fully-compliant framework for a wide range of public sector organisations which pride itself on making a real impact.

Founded in 2002 Fusion 21 has delivered in excess of £147m in savings for its members, created more than 3,700 jobs and over £63m in community impact. Fusion 21 works closely with registered providers and housing, local authorities, education, NHS and Blue Light services.

Key to Fusion 21 is creating social impact in the communities within which it delivers and working with partners, members and local agencies to understand what will make the biggest difference.

Reshma Sheikh, Octavian’s managing director, said: “I am proud of our team and securing our high ranking on the Fusion 21 Framework. It is a tribute to all our staff, our values and social initiatives that have delivered the impact and results to be a part of the framework.

“Our values and social impact are at the core of all our delivered services, and to be appointed after a vigorous process evidences our commitment and our delivered local impacts.

“We are excited to work closely with Fusion 21 to deliver security services across the UK and be a part of building and sustaining local initiatives as we do so.”

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