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Pest Control Services

Commerical or Domestic Pest Control Experts

At Octavian, we will free your home or workplace of any unwanted pests. We will fully inspect your environment to determine the type of pest and level of infestation.

Your property will be protected from insects and rodents for an extended period of time after treatment. This way you can be absolutely sure no pest animals will ever disturb you again.

Our pest treatment and services includes the eradication of:

  • Ant control
  • Cockroaches
  •  Rats
  • Wasps and Bees
  • Pigeons and other bird families
  • Moles
  • Woodworms
  • Bed bugs

If you would like to discuss our pest control services or any of our other services, contact us 24/7 for expert advice.

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Pest Control Services
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