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Your security is our business and your success and safety are our goal.

Octavian specialises in providing bespoke security guarding services. We have employed a global team of security officers operating to international security standards. Our personnel and procedures help eliminate threats to your organisation and ensure public confidence is maintained. 

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Security Guarding Services


We offer offer a comprehensive range of commercial cleaning and janitorial services to companies of all sizes, across all business sectors.

We are committed to providing sustainable cleaning solutions that reduce water and chemical use – and have a low carbon footprint. Our expertise, integrity and cost effective solutions will save you time and money, keep your premises safe, and support your business image.

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Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services

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If it’s IT related, let us help!

I.T. downtime is a huge source of frustration for many organisations and quite simply negatively impacts productivity and therefore profit.

Our 24/7/365 service desk can deliver 1st, 2nd and/or 3rd line support to your end users and look after your infrastructure, to your defined hours and standard SLAs, whilst making sure the outcomes are fully aligned to your business objectives.

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Managed IT Services

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Workplace training enables you to gain skills you need to perform your duties while contributing to your organization.

As a new employee, you will likely participate in orientation programs to familiarize yourself with the work environment and company culture. If you’re a senior employee, you may be required to take up new responsibilities or stay up to date with the latest changes in the industry. 

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Find out why workplace training & development is important for your organization

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Nearly 60%* of managers expressed concern about health and safety threats to their travelling staff. The importance of having an effective travel risk policy in place is clear – ABTA survey.

When an incident occurs such as security threats to travel disruptions and natural disasters to severe weather conditions, an organization’s speed of response is vital. You need to have your action plans in place to deal with a crisis before that crisis actually happens. Our 24 hour monitoring station with open and closed source data being analyzed constantly covers just about any crisis or risk event your company or employee’s might face.

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24x7x365 real-time global risk alerts keeping you ahead of threats

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Businesses increasingly rely on mobile technologies to ensure that their employees have the right tools to always be contactable and productive, regardless of where they are.

Octavian Communications works with leading mobile networks to deliver a network that is reliable for your business and, offers solutions that provide your business with the peace of mind that its employees’ devices are both secure and easy to manage.

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We provide the best business mobile solutions deals for your business across all networks, handsets & tablets.

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We aim to build long lasting professional relationship’s, ensuring total customer satisfaction.

Every step we take to ensure the safety of your assets, staff, operations and your brand’s reputation, is bespoke and tailored to your needs. Our staff will mirror the high standards set by you and reflect the same professionalism to continue to enhance your public perception. We recognise the need for your security, cleaning and FM team to be able to display a balance between professionalism and robust efficient management for all your sites.

Our aim is to understand your DNA, vision, values and development a long term relationship of mutual trust and friendship.