About us

Your security is our business and your success and safety are our goal.

Octavian continue to be one of the most innovative and progressive security-led businesses in the world, with our broad spectrum of services helping organisations to better manage their security solutions.

We have also diversified into facilities management functions, as we see these as exciting growth areas for our business that offer great synergy to our clients’ operational requirements.

Our success underpins our determination to continuously improve our services and ensure even greater flexibility and quality assurance for our clients.

Whatever the issues you face, we will find solutions, working as your reliable partner.


Our Mission

We aim to build long lasting professional relationship’s, ensuring total customer satisfaction.  Every step we take to ensure the safety of your assets, staff, operations and your brand’s reputation, is bespoke and tailored to your needs.


Our staff will mirror the high standards set by you and reflect the same professionalism to continue to enhance your public perception. We recognise the need for your security, cleaning and FM team to be able to display a balance between professionalism and robust efficient management for all your sites.


Our aim is to understand your DNA, vision, values and development a long term relationship of mutual trust / friendship

Our Philosophy

Octavian believes that they have several key advantages/attributes which allow them a competitive edge, and these include:

Family Orientation

Octavian is a family orientated company, a friendly, informal, though efficient atmosphere prevails. Our staff are treated as family and hence we have high employee / client retention rates.

Decision Making

By not having a multitude of shareholders to placate, considered long-term strategies can be implemented and not sacrificed for quick results. Decisions can also be made swiftly when required.


We have a well-defined management structure which means that new contracts can easily be accommodated within the organisation.

Staff Empowerment

Staff are empowered to make decisions on behalf of the Company to varying degrees depending on their level of seniority.

Experienced Staff

Octavian have a highly experienced group of staff who have been recruited for the specific abilities and innovative ideas they can bring to the team. This includes the Business Managers, who are recognised experts in their specialist fields.

Service Reputation

Octavian has built up a reputation for providing a high quality service. This is a reputation that the company strives vigorously to maintain on all contracts. Every contract is different and our approach is bespoke specifically to the client, taking into consideration local knowledge, expertise and risk.

Value for Money

We operate on an OPEN BOOK basis. We also provide best practice benchmarking of our costs and levels of service delivery, guaranteeing value for money.

Empowerment of Local Communities

We are committed to giving back to the communities we operate. This includes local recruitment, use of local suppliers, training and development opportunities via our in house training academy, commitment to environmental/legislative compliance and health & safety standards.