Reshma Sheikh - Octavian Security UK

2021 Business Predictions For Security Sector: Reshma Sheikh, Managing Director

I believe 2021 will be a mixed bag for business.

There are those that have adapted well and will continue to thrive in the post pandemic corporate world, retailers who have moved a large part of their functions online and businesses whose need remains irrespective of the impact.

For those in sectors that have been hit through lockdowns and tier restrictions, there is optimism with the vaccine and whilst there will be struggles over the first quarter, I believe there is a sense of optimism from the second quarter onwards.

For Octavian, our strength in land management, the logistics and warehousing, education and public sectors has meant we continue to grow and have been able to focus on new job creation and therefore support the communities in which we provide security services.

I am committed to continue our growth strategy in order to support new roles in addition to our current officers and focus on our social impact to support the economy to grow.