Reshma Sheikh - Octavian Security UK

Reshma Sheikh has been named as one of the speakers at major Midlands Conference – Invest Midlands


Invest Midlands has unveiled an exceptional line-up of speakers for its first virtual conference which takes place on Wednesday 26 May. The event brings together the brightest minds and passionate voices of the Midlands to set the agenda for what happens next.


With lockdown restrictions beginning to lift, the large-scale event is perfectly timed to examine how the Midlands can move forward and accelerate its post-Covid recovery.


Reshma Sheikh will be talking about, Putting Inclusivity at the Heart of Growth – Diversity is no longer a “nice to have”; it’s crucial that businesses embrace inclusivity if they can truly claim to be responsible members of the society they operate in. Reshma Sheikh joins a panel committed to diversity.


The event will include highlights from:

  • Understanding Changing Trends – EY’s Midlands market leader Simon O’Neill.
  • Big Ideas to Change the Midlands – Matheu Parr from Rolls-Royce.
  • SME and mid-corporate-sized businesses will play a huge part towards the UK’s post-Covid-19 recovery – Amanda Dorel, regional director, Midlands & South Wales region.
  • Staying at the Front of the Global Automotive Race – Chris Reeves from Horiba-MIRA.
  • The Transport Vision to Accelerate Growth – Midlands Connect’s Maria Machancoses.


To listen to the great insights from Reshma Sheikh and for more information about the conference, please visit Invest Midlands.